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The word lobby in the context of a room has different meanings. It could be a corridor or passage connecting several rooms, or an anteroom as in the reception area of an office, or even a foyer as in a theater or a hotel. Whichever meaning you take, a lobby is a place where people spend time which makes it just the right place to project the image of an organization or to publicize an event or even to advertise a product or service.

Acrylic Dimensional Sign

The lobby or reception area is the primary location where clients are first exposed to the commercial enterprise. It is imperative then that this space creates the right image the business is trying to project. The lobby could more aptly be referred to as the window to the enterprise. Creating the proper ambience is achieved through various factors like furniture, furnishings and the color scheme of the room. But remember, people sit in an office lobby, generally look around and tend to observe the surroundings. One of the most significant ways to influence their opinion is with appropriate lobby signage.

Hyundai Acrylic Dimensional Lobby Sign

Typically the space behind the reception desk is ideal placed to display the company name and logo. The company’s name, in dimensional lettering together with a dimensional logo, carries a certain aura of its own which speaks of professionalism blended with subdued sophistication. A logo and name so strategically placed carries a wealth of silent meaning and sets the trend. Since this is the first thing that visitors see on arrival, it creates an ambience from which they form the first impression of the organization and know what to expect. As the old saying goes - first impressions are lasting impressions.

Dimensional Acrylic Lobby Sign

The walls in a lobby are the perfect site for wall hangings. Many businesses prefer to use this space to broadcast their USP's while others prefer to hang their mission statement. Whatever the choice, the selection exploits the fact that visitors will be spending enough time there to look around and observe what will influence the impression they make. Whatever is so placed will be studied and not merely scanned in passing like some form of abstract decoration. 

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The foyer or lobby in a theater makes extensive use of poster stands or poster frames with graphics of forthcoming performances. Another great idea for theater lobbies is to decorate them with framed photographs of stars of yesteryears of still-shots.

The lobbies of doctors, dentists and veterinarians however often have poster frames of medical and dental facts relevant to the clients.

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SignMySigns of Santa Clara, CA has a number of interesting lobby signage ideas to suit the available space and yet sufficient to create the desired impression. This Bay Area sign making company believes that quality reception and lobby signage is not an expense, rather a capital investment relative to identity and brand. Visit Sign My Signs to see some of the styles and designs available photographed in their actual locations. Sign My Signs is well known with Bay Area businesses having done various signage assignments from conception to installation. For more on our varied product range please visit www.signmysigns.com and/or call us at 408.988.9988 or email info@signmysigns.com.