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Entice customers and boost business, with Window Graphics

Businesses, establishments or spaces that offer services or products require branding in order to attract visitors or potential customers. While there are several ways to brand your services or products to capture the attention of the target audience, you can be certain that the space will have a door and a minimum of one window in it. These doors and windows provide tremendous visibility from a brand perspective and are a powerful tool for marketers to consider.


Types of Window Graphics and Lettering

According to research by Werremeyer, an award-winning creative communications agency, over 50% of customers learn about your business or services from in-store or on-premise branding or signage. And window graphics and lettering are an integral part of such on-premise branding.Popular types of window graphics and lettering:·   Vinyl: Cut-vinyl lettering are a good low-cost option for branding and offer multiple colours with white being the predominant color. Perforated vinyls have little holes to allow people on the inside to look out.

·    Frosted Effects: These offer an extremely elegant look with film or letters. They give an etched-glass look allowing light to enter but at the same time are not see-through.

·   Cling: Cling films come in white and clear and are most commonly used by car service or car washes to stick on the back of a car window. These are ideal for short-term needs.

·    Digital Prints: Digital prints give you the freedom to use graphics or images with relative ease. Coupled with cut-vinyl, these can be very striking in terms of imagery and boldness of letters and colors.

·   Window wraps and murals: Wraps can transform any window into a billboard with high-quality displays. Use these to make a statement with intricate designs and complement your text.

How to use window graphics to enhance your premises?

Depending on the type of window graphics being used, various materials are used to affix the graphics onto windows or doors.In the signage industry, window stickers are referred to as window decals and are generally a one-time use material. Decals are more permanent and once fixed cannot be repositioned. Window decals have adhesive that is used to stick to the window or door surface. These adhesives are industrial-grade and resistant to water, heat and other elements making them long-lasting. Once you stick the decal onto the surface, you can make minor adjustments to position it immediately. However, once left for longer than 20 mins, they become extremely hard to move as the adhesive’s effect kicks in.

Clings, on the other hand, do not have adhesive to affix to the surface. They stick to a surface through a static charge between the cling film and the window. The advantage with this material is that it can be repositioned and moved as and when needed, giving room for change.


Window Graphics and Lettering offer a powerful way to attract visitors and customers to premises. These can be in various forms such as window decals of various types or cling films of various types. Depending on how often these need to be changed, marketers can determine their choice. While decals are more permanent, clings give you the freedom to change often, as they are stuck through static charge as opposed to an adhesive. Either way, window graphics are an essential tool for businesses to communicate and attract walk-in customers.