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Creating Signs That Attract Customers

The world we live in is increasingly dominated by technology and when it comes to marketing and advertising, people tend to look at online and mobile publicity avenues as the way to go. However, while electronic media does play a major role in business promotion, the signboard is still a key factor in attracting customers.This is something that all business people have discovered. While the type of sign may vary, its importance cannot be disputed. According to a recent survey, over 60% of small business owners in the age group of 18 to 34 place value on creativity and uniqueness whereas those of the older age group give more value to the content of the sign. Either way, the importance of creating signs that attract attention to a business cannot be argued upon. There are 3 key factors that need to be taken into account when creating signs.

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Color is a critical ingredient in a sign. Think of any well-known company and there is a color associated with it – “McDonald’s yellow” is a good example. The continued use of a pattern of colors will, over a period of time, make those hues part of a business’s identity. If a hardware store uses black and gold for its signage, both outdoor and indoor, these colors will become part of its identity and customers will be reminded of it when they see this color combination – black and gold means hardware. However, choosing the colors is something that requires careful planning. It may be tempting to use “trendy” colors but trends do not last and a color scheme that is trending today could be old fashioned tomorrow.


A sign conveys information and this means that there will be text. Choosing the right font is important. A flowing, artistic style of lettering will not convey the image that a security company wants to convey. For this business, the font should be strong and clear. Color plays a role here too. The contrast between the background colors and that of the text must be such that the text is clearly visible, while at the same time not clashing with the background. A sign with a green background and light blue lettering will not be easy to read. Size is the third factor to consider. The text must be large enough to be easily read while not overwhelming the total image that the sign aims to create.


Size matters, but bigger is not always better. A sign must be large enough to catch the eye of those passing by, but not so big that it stands out like a sore thumb and dominates the place in which it is located. This will create a negative impact with people thinking that the sign, irrespective of how good it is, is ugly and out of place.

Combining these elements to create signs that work, requires expertise in design and knowledge as to what type of sign should be used for which application. That is why the process of designing, fabricating and installing a sign is best left to a professional sign making companywhich will be able to strike the right balance and produce signs that work in terms of bringing in customers.