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Improving Brand Visibility with Signage

The most pertinent question as an owner or marketing lead for a company is whether people can find your business easily. Simply putting up one sign on top of your doorway may not be enough. There are other creative ways to improve your brand visibility and keep your company name etched in people’s minds.

Signage Options to Increase Brand Visibility

Monument Signs
These can be made from stone, metal or even wood. They look grand and will remain etched in a person’s memory once they pass it. They are built to last and can withstand the elements extremely well. They are generally stand-alone structures at the front of a building or driveway. A custom backlit graphic panel or digital display can be used to further enhance the impact of the sign and portray a brand’s personality.

Floor Graphics
The power of high-quality floor graphics and creatives is under-rated. If a business is located close to a main street or in the path of a lot of thoroughfare then floor graphics can greatly enhance brand visibility. They can grab attention very quickly and serve as a great medium to share key messages, or lead potential customers right to your front door where they could be greeted by you.

Window Graphics
Window graphics can be used to extend branding to the exterior décor and can additionally be of practical use by blocking the sun or areas that you don’t want outsiders to see. Putting contact information and showing product or service photos in action can make your business more easily discoverable.

Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle decals or graphics can serve as a great advertising mechanism and at a relatively low cost. If you have run a business that requires a fleet of cars or quite simply, makes you move around in your car a lot then this is a must-do. Take your branding on the road with vehicle graphics to spread your message and promote your business with every mile driven. When not on the road, park your wrapped vehicle in a high traffic area to get noticed.

Digital Signage
Using digital signage is a great way to get noticed because of the flexibility and creativity it offers. With digital signage, including LED screens, scrolling outdoor signs and interactive kiosks, you can customize and communicate multiple messages to people using colorful graphic, motion, and if desired, even sound.

Choosing the right option for your business
While several options exist as listed above, choosing what works for your business is key. Depending on where your business might be located coupled with the budget you may have in mind, a mix of a few options would be ideal. It is worth investing in quality branding as this lasts a long time and is generally a one-time cost if done right. Spend some time to evaluate the best mix for your business.

Multiple options exist to increase brand visibility. Based on location, type of business and budget, an owner or decision-maker can consider more than one option to best enhance their brand visibility.