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An introduction to digital signage - Part 2

The first part of this blog looked at what digital signage is and where it stands today. To be able to effectively incorporate the use of digital signage in business promotion plans, a business must understand what the future of digital signage holds in store. The future is always unknown but going by current trends, this is how digital signage may evolve.


The more directly a sign addresses a viewer, the greater the positive impact it makes. Real-time automated content could be received from external sensors or centralized information storages, to provide information that mirrors the conditions and situation viewers are in. For example, if it rains suddenly, a digital sign could immediately show where umbrellas or raincoats are being sold. Demographics and location will also provide inputs. A sign in the central business district could change at the right time, to show information that will interest office workers returning home.


Built-incameras, sensors and voice/face recognition could take personalization even further. Regular customers can be greeted by name and can be asked about items from their regular shopping list they want at that time. Customers in a supermarket looking at flour, could be shown cake or pie recipes that may interest them and prompt their decision to buy. It is not as far-fetched as it may sound. Online shopping portals already offer customers, products based on their previous purchases as soon as they log in. Digital signage will bring the same experience to the real world.


Is it worth the cost?

That digital signage is prohibitively expensive is a common misconception. As with everything else, technological advances are making digital signs more affordable and accessible.Whether it is with customers or co-workers/employees, interactive signs promote a two-way flow of information in real time and in clearly defined locations. No longer will a customer be told to “BUY XYZ.” An employee will not be told to “Be more productive.” Instead, the signs will provide information that is relevant to the viewer based on inputs like identity, time, specific location, previous interaction history and so on. This will make the viewer feel far more empowered and by doing so, it will make the viewer – sign interaction relationship a more positive one and will generate a desire to make a purchase or to be more pro-active at work.

The future is already here

There is a great deal that digital signs can do to promote business and increase profits. Not understanding the massive potential that exists, and how digital signage will impact marketing and sales, could leave a business in the same situation as one that did not understand the might of the internet a generation ago. Maximizing the use of digital signage requires creating and using the right signs, planning and budgeting. Working with a company that has expertise in signage, including digital options, is the best way to ensure that digital signage is used in a way that maximizes the return and produces tangible business results.