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Importance of Logos

Imagine this scenario. You are embarking on a new business venture. You have done your homework thoroughly: the finance required, the market conditions, the legal formalities and the staffing. Amidst this entire hullabaloo, the one thing that you miss out on is designing a logo for your company. This might seem insignificant compared to all the groundwork that you have done, but it is not.

A logo is important because it has the ability to connect with a potential customer and convey in a matter of seconds what your business/product is about. First impressions are the best and hence your logo has the ability to stamp a good impression on the prospective client’s mind. Starting any new venture is tough; you need to attract customers and a well designed logo goes a long way towards achieving this objective.


It also helps in building brand loyalty. Once people start using your product, your logo stays in their minds. As a result, when you launch another new product, your existing customers will automatically reach out to your now familiar logo that they recognize and trust.

Logos give the impression that you are serious about your business. A logo subconsciously conveys to a customer a feeling that your business is reliable. As important as logos are, designing a good logo is even more so. Indeed, while a good logo has the ability to attract customers, a badly designed logo will have no problem in turning them away.

Here are a few factors that have to be considered while designing a logo:

· A good logo is effective irrespective of its setting. For example, be it a billboard or a notepad, your logo should look impressive and attractive.

· Fonts play a major role in giving your business the image it desires. For instance, using comic font for a hospital logo would just be inappropriate. Not only the font, but the images used in the logo should also be in tune with the message the logo conveys.

· Black and white and coloured logos both can be equally effective, what matters is the design. The design should be simple yet striking.

· The choice of colors too has a role to play in effective logo design. A baby pink or blue would be best suited for a kids’ clothing line while green would be great for an outdoor recreational company. Red is usually associated with aggression while yellow conveys comfort and optimism.

Logos are important because people’s memories have a tendency to retain images more effectively than words or names. Thus even if the name of your service is forgotten, the logo will endure. Hence it would be best to hand over the design of your logo to a professional logo designing company which has the experience and expertise to come up with an effective logo.