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Getting The Right Signage for Your Business

Whether you are an established business that has been around for decades or a new business that is just in the process of establishing itself, the first thing you would need to attract customers to your office is signage. This speaks volumes about your business at first glance. Bystanders and passers by will immediately take notice if you have catchy or elegant looking signage. Your prospective customers get a sense of pride walking into an office where the signage outside spells success. 


Types of Signs

There are several ways to brand your business. The signage industry has gone through significant innovation in materials, offering options for all budgets. Depending on the type of business you run here are a few options to keep in mind:

Window Decals

If your business has a lot of windows to the outside world, then this is a must-have. Decals make good use of your windows by applying a simple sticker material. It makes for great visuals and will ensure your premise is not missed by any customer or passerby.

Digital Signage

While you can have a traditional board and poster signage printed on acrylic to highlight the space above the doorway of your business, you can add a digital signage below it. Digital signages allow you to share easy updates or unique messages on a real-time basis. This makes it interactive for visitors and prospective customers.


These can be used all year round and can hold up larger standing banners. Their weighted bases allow them to withstand wind and extreme changes in weather and are easy to move around if you want to rush them indoors.

Vehicular Graphics

These can be all year round, as a lot of bright and eye-catching wraps on vehicles. They are easy to get done, relatively moderate on the pocket, offer mobile branding and are certain to raise a few eyebrows.


Given the durability and ease of use of vinyl, it is always one of the best choices. It can withstand extreme heat, rain and cold and hence is ideal all year round as well. It is relatively easy on the pocket as well.


A-frames or pavement signs can adorn your patio, sidewalk or be kept at your door. Depending on your ad or campaign, you have multiple shapes and sizes to choose from.

Materials used in signage

There are several options that exists in the market today. Some of the more common materials are wood, metal, acrylic and glass. Wood and metal generally are more long term and maintenance free. With an all-weather quote of polish on wood, it will last a lifetime. Metal comes in various shapes and forms and with powder coating, color options exist to liven a space up. Acrylic and glass may require a little bit more care from a cleaning standpoint to keep them looking new.


Several signage options exist in the market today. Depending on the budget, type of business and location, a good mix of signage can be extremely beneficial.

Vehicle Graphics: The Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Billboard and other forms of advertising are becoming prohibitively expensive so more and more companies are embracing Vehicle Graphics as a viable alternative. Despite its apparent simplicity, vehicle graphic advertising has not only proved to be highly successful but is cost-effective as well. The reason for this is not hard to appreciate. A vehicle emblazoned with a graphic is mobile advertising at its best. A graphic on a vehicle reaches a larger number of people. When the vehicle is on the move, the graphic is perused by other motorists as well as pedestrians.

Vehicle Graphics, Decal Wrap. Advertising

And when the vehicle is parked it is still sending out its silent message. A static advertisement like a billboard for example is viewed only by those who walk or drive past. Often these could be the same people who use that route every day as it may be on their route to work so the message is restricted to a set number of people. A static advertisement will stimulate interest when new, but will soon lose its significance as people who see it every day begin to look at it as part of the scenery. But a vehicle graphic is quite different. The vehicle visits new areas every day allowing new people to read its message. A truck, bus or commercial vehicle, for instance, rarely uses the same route unless it is on a regular round. This means that more and more people are exposed to what its graphics say. A vehicle is generally less expensive than many forms of advertising, and more durable. What this translates into is that a vehicle graphic reaches more readers for less investment.

Vehicle Graphics, Decal, Wrap, Advertising

Vehicle graphics may be used on a bus, car, truck or van which is covered in a thin, synthetic adhesive that carries copy, advertising a company, its product or service. The adhesive advertising copy may cover only parts of a vehicle as in a decal, or in certain cases the vehicle as a whole as in a wrap. The front windshield is left clear so the driver's vision is unobstructed. The advertising copy has the name of the company, contact information and a USP.

Vehicle Graphics, Decal, Wrap, Advertising

A viewer of a vehicle graphic has only few seconds to absorb the text and graphics of an advertisement. To be successful, good advertising copy must not only have the name and contact details but must contain something that will bait the reader into contacting the company.

Getting a catch tag line or bait into this advertising copy, which has to be read and assimilated within seconds, is a true test of ingenuity for the graphics designer.

Vehicle graphics can be in the form of adhesive decals or a vinyl wrap which covers the whole exterior of the vehicle. Either way, the advantage is that the decal or vinyl is removable if the owner decides on a change. The paintwork after removal remains undamaged. Vehicle decals can easily be applied without any particular expertise, but a vinyl wrap must be applied by a trained professional.

Vehicle Graphics, Decal, Wrap, Advertising

Sign My Signs is a San Jose sign making company who designs and manufactures the entire gamut of signage. Vehicle graphics are its forte with the company designing and installing adhesive vinyl wraps and decals, and installing them. The company employs a staff of innovative designers who have the experience and proficiency to design a graphic that is eye-catching and grabs a reader's attention. A visit to the website illustrates a cross section of graphics done by the company on different kinds of vehicles. Visit www.signmysigns.com for more detailed information on our products and services. You can also call us at: (408) 988-9988 or info@signmysigns.com.