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Sign my Signs' motto is complete customer satisfaction. We can design and produce all signage for your company - Interior or Exterior, Permanent or Temporary. 

We have a team of experts who can provide the following services with the intent of helping our customers with outstanding signage systems.

Signage Consultation

The right signage system can go a long way in facilitating your marketing and public relation efforts, as signage works at the subconscious level and creates better brand recall. It is therefore crucial to develop a consistent signage system in tune with the long term image your company wants to project.

We at Sign my Signs are well aware of the need to choose your signage well, as signage lasts for the lifetime of your company. Our team of strategists, corporate communication experts and graphic designers spend time with your marketing and corporate communication teams to get a thorough understanding of your business vision, philosophy, work ethic and goals, both short term and long term. We will present you with multiple signage options and make adjustments when required before finalizing a signage set.

From concept to installation, we streamline the entire process using the latest technologies. With our diverse experience we are equipped to offer complete design solutions for exterior illuminated and non-illuminated, interior, American Disability Act (ADA) code-compliant, way-finding and specialized signage.

Design Layout and Logo Design

The effectiveness of your signage, logo and other corporate communication tools depend a great deal on the design layout. Factors like ease of reading, visual impact and the esthetic appeal need to be considered. Unlike many companies that offer standardized solutions and layouts, the Sign my Signs team develops customized designs that are in tune with your company’s business ethos. We specialize in developing design layout solutions that have the right look and feel and provide your company with a competitive advantage.

The logo is the most important image of a company. Just as one recalls a person by their face, the logo is what comes to mind when one thinks of a company. Whether you are looking to design a new logo for your business, or redesigning your current logo, our experienced logo design team can provide you with a logo that makes a powerful impact.

Sign my Signs is passionate about exceeding customer expectations. Our passion for excellence stretches to not only providing outstanding design layout solutions, but managing the entire project on time and within budget. We are committed to developing high quality, competitively priced designs that make your business stand out.

City Planning & Permitting

We handle all permitting paperwork, city designs and efficiently permit your project. Our staff can quickly analyze your/city requirements and advise on city codes / requirements.

Depending on your signage city may or may not require permit.

Installation Services

With professionally, resourced and equipped staff we provide quality installations of all signs in timely manner for all your Business signages. Vinyl Decals, Dimensional Signs, Wall Graphics/Wrap, Vehicle/Car/Fleet Wrap, Illuminated Channel Letter signage - we manufacture and install all!