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Using Monument Signs to attract Customers


In a recessionary economy, marketing departments are under constant pressure to conserve capital and justify ‘marketing spend’. Advertising budgets suffer cuts and cost-effective ideas of increasing visibility are in demand.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options of cost-efficient promotional tools. Outdoor advertizing and more specifically high-quality signage is one such option. It can create subtle magic that can draw customers to your business. Monument signs are the most popular of signage choices. 

What are monument signs?

A monument sign is a freestanding, outdoor, ground signage of about 5 feet, positioned at your eye level; it has a huge advantage in that it can attract the most significant category of prospects – people driving or walking by. That is why they are very popular with shopping malls, real estate agencies, community centers, restaurants, pubs, cafes, bistros, libraries and theme parks.

The name comes from the fact they are large enough, and are fixed firmly on to the ground. They are made from a wide variety of durable materials such as block/brick, polystyrene or aluminum. They are mounted on a base of concrete, wood, brick or stone with side pillars or on side posts. Being low on the ground, they are a lot more noticeable than billboards and pole-mounted displays.

Monument signs are designed to be weather-resistant and have a life span of a minimum 10 years. They show resilience in the face of rain, snow, sandstorms and even hurricane-force winds, the strongest of winds; that is why they are so popular all over the world and not just the US.

Trends and variations in monument signs

A monument sign has two main components – the signage and the structure. Businesses can play with both these elements to create a wide range of styles of monument signs.

Structures could be made of a block with stone or brick veneer, fabricated steel cage with stone or brick veneer, or expanded polystyrene. Another option is electronic paper sign (EPS) that can be used for both the structure and signage, and can replicate stone or masonry look.

When it comes to the signage, they could be illuminated sign cabinets, dimensional letters, channel letters or LED message boards.

Thus, one can create multiple combinations of structure and signage; however, the most popular ones are:

  • High Density Urethane (HDU) foam monument and signage with raised metal letters: Here the monument is built from a solid EPS foam core. It is then sealed in a thick polyurethane hard coat that makes it durable and pest-resistant. Metal letters are then partially embedded into the base and partially projected out.
  • Fabricated aluminum monument signs: Here, the structure is a fabricated aluminum box that can be painted in your logo colors. Signage letters are of raised cut metal, either illuminated with LEDs or non-illuminated. The base is generally a concrete pad.
  • Lettering made of cut metal or fabricated stainless steel: Stainless steel letters are popular as they are low on maintenance. Other equally popular metals are copper, brass and bronze. Metal letters can be easily installed on stone, masonry and concrete structure.
  • Backlit lettering: LED backlighting for metal letters creates a halo effect that can be dramatic and breathtaking.

Monument signs with an aesthetic landscaping backdrop can be a very cost-effective way of generating buzz for your business. It would be best to engage a competent signage agency that would create excellent monument signs for your venture.

Modern Trends in Sign Design and Usage

Signs, in the forms that we know them, have been around since medieval times. Even today, in the world of electronic information exchange, they continue to play a major and continuously evolving role in advertising and marketing.

The modern sign

The signs of today bear little resemblance to those of 100 years ago. Today there is mobile and digital signage and visual graphics using neon lights, LEDs, standard lights, all of which are common. Recently, high resolution interactive screen displays have started to be used. Signs today are no longer basic advertising media. They are now highly evolved, innovative design platforms that allow businesses to show not only who they are and what they do, but also indicate how creative they can be. The modern sign does not just convey information about a business or product – it reflects the character of the business using it.

In addition to technology, the modern sign is no longer limited by shape, size or dimension. It can be of any shape, not just round or rectangular. It can be so big it covers the wall of a building. And it need not be two dimensional. It can resemble the shape of the product being promoted.

Making the modern sign effective

Despite the technological advances, the basics of effective signage remain more or less the same as they have always been.

Aim for maximum exposure

With the explosion of other media and the proliferation of signage, signs attract less marginal attention today than what they did in the past. In marketing terms this means that conversion is low. It is this way for all media today. Signs must be placed to attract the maximum eyeballs, even if it is in unconventional locations.

Design for the market

Signs should be designed to appeal to a target audience. Anything that connects the shape and nature of the sign to the product and the potential customer need for it, adds to its effectiveness. Surprising, amusing and in some cases, even shocking the viewer can increase the effectiveness of the sign exponentially.

Use creative designs

More is not always better. With signs becoming increasingly complex and high tech, simple signs in black and white can stand out from the crowd and be memorable.  Being creative with designs means that they should stand out from the context they are placed in so that they grab eyeballs. Often simplicity is more creative than complexity and trumps it in terms of attracting attention.

With so many signage options to choose from, it is difficult to know what will work best for a particular business, product or service. When properly used, signs can be the most efficient way of cost-effective business promotion. Working with a professional signage company will maximize the returns on your investment. They will know what type of sign, of what size and what shape, what materials need to be used and what lighting is required to maximize visibility and memorability. The visible and memorable sign is what brings customers to a business.