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World’s Most Famous Signs

Sometimes a sign says it all. There are some images that tell you all you need to know about a place or a business. As a business owner, it may probably be a dream for you to create a sign that will be recognized all over the world and by which people worldwide will know all about you and your business. But in practice the more memorable and unique your signage is, the more flourishing will be your business. Here are a few world-renowned signs anyone will recognize immediately. Your signs may not achieve this degree of fame, but the better made they are, the better will be your business.

The Hollywood sign

If there is any one sign that symbolizes the movie industry, it is this one. It was originally put up in 1923 as an advertisement for a local real estate development. As the movie industry continued to expand here, and the name Hollywood became that of the home of the industry, the sign was modified to its present form. No other sign, anywhere in the world, can come close to it in terms of saying “this is where you are and this is what we do.”

The Las Vegas sign

Las Vegas is proud of its glitz, glamor and incredible nightlife. Even the nickname of Sin City is worn with pride. The one thing that symbolizes the Vegas experience more than anything else is the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign. Although not on the Strip itself, it is, on its own, a tourist attraction with people stopping to have their picture taken below the sign. It is even a well-known place for having a marriage conducted by a celebrity impersonator.

The Radio City sign

New York may be known as the Big Apple, but that fruit is not its sign – it belongs to a company that is equally well known. The sign that people from all over the planet associate with the city is that of the Radio City Music Hall. The theater came into existence after the stock market crash of 1929, and its size and illumination symbolized the larger than life experience that the theater, and now the city itself, have come to offer all those who go there today.

The Route 66 Sign

The Route 66 that originally covered a distance of about 2,500 miles and spanned the distance from Chicago to Santa Monica is no longer intact. But it remains a symbol of long road trip and the freedom of travel. The image it projects is so strong that there is even an apparel brand-named after it.

The Penny Lane Sign

A small street in Liverpool, England, shot to fame when the Beatles sang the song of the same name. Today it is one of the most photographed street signs in the world. The image it projects is one of all things English.

Most probably you are familiar with all these signs. The point made in this post is that images can bring information to the forefront of your consciousness. Working with a professional signage company that creates unique and memorable signs for your business will be beneficial to you: it will impact your present and potential customers greatly and bring them to you. And when they come, they will start buying your products.