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How effective is Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

It is a tough job to create customer awareness in a place like California by using basic, traditional advertising. One needs to be out-of-the-ordinary to be visible in this market. If a business wants to be recognized and wants to be at the top of the client's list, it has to stay ahead every day. This is where car wraps come in. Car wraps have the ability to reach a larger audience while offering the lowest investment rate in comparison to any other type of advertising media. They are affordable to large and small brands that choose to use these graphics as their main advertising strategy.

Vehicle wraps have several benefits that traditional media lacks. Here are some of the main rewards of using this form of advertising:

  • Mobile advertising has the ability to reach a wider audience at a lower Cost per Impression than any other form of outdoor advertising.
  • One car wrap can produce between thirty thousand to seventy thousand impressions every day.
  • Experts foresee a sharp increase in the time spent by people in personal vehicles and the total number of trips per person.
  • Fleet vehicle advertising increases name recognition fifteen times more than any other kind of advertising.
  • It’s impossible to shut off a message on an automobile, it is displayed 24/7.

Designing a Wrap:

Here are the fundamentals of designing a good car wrap. It is best to hire an artist to achieve difficult graphic designs. 

List the product or company. It is important to make sure every driver, even if he sees the car briefly, should be able to understand what the advertised item is about. It is important to make the fonts bold and large.

List a phone number or website to contact. A lot of times the wrapped cars will rush by too swiftly for customers to notice the product name. Due to this, business owners must ensure that the wrap has a website or phone number listed with the product or service.

Attract attention towards the car. Colors, texts or graphics certainly draw a lot of attention. However, it is important to keep a balance and not over do the look as that can get distracting. Using decals that change the appearance of the car just enough that the driver is drawn to gaze at the vehicle is an extremely good idea.

Choosing a good company:

To ensure maximum return on investment, businesses must find the right vehicle-wrapping company. There are several sign makers listed on yellow pages and the internet. However, it is important to ensure that the chosen provider is legitimate and has ample of experience in this area. Due to the economic slump, vehicle-wrapping scams have raised manifolds. A very common technique that scammers employ is to offer prospective clients a sizeable discount and then ask for a portion of the total cost to be transferred to them beforehand to take care of the total cost of wrapping. Once it has been ensured that the company is legitimate, the vehicle owner can negotiate the prices. Competition for car wrapping companies is getting pretty stiff. Hence, getting desirable rates is highly likely if the owner plays the cards right.

Car wraps and decals help turn any vehicle into an impression-generating machine. As per experts, more than seventy percent of the motorists are influenced positively by products and companies advertised on vehicles. Moreover, these graphics generate more than six hundred visual impressions per mile. In comparison to customized paint jobs, car wraps and decals have made it extremely reasonable and more flexible to add graphics.